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Glee and Partsong Catalogue

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GLEES & PARTSONGS (18th C. and Romantic)
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Shakespeare Songs for modern partsongs.
*Glees come in all shapes and sizes and form a valuable body of worthwhile secular repertoire linking Renaissance Madrigals to Romantic and Modern Partsongs.
For purists, Classical Glees of the Georgian/Regency period should be interpreted by solo singers, as they often call for a high degree of flexibility and even ornamentation, but many are also well suited to choirs.
Partsongs, on the other hand, which began to be composed in the early Romantic period, and with which Glees fought an ultimately losing battle, were usually simpler, often strophic, and intended for choirs.

TIP: to listen to and follow the scores of some of the Georgian Glees from the catalogue, please visit the DoveMus Georgian Glees playlist on youtube or follow the indivdual links below.

(sorted alphabetically)
(and author of text, where known)
For Mixed Voices
Arnold, Samuel (1740-1802) *In summer's cool shade ('The Seasons') VIEW SATB 10.00
Attwood, Thomas (1765-1838) *To all that breathe the air of heaven (Anacreon, tr. Thomas Moore) VIEW     Listen and view on youtube SATBarB (or AATBarB) 15.00
Battishill, Jonathan (1738-1801) *Wise they that with a cautious tear (Horace tr. Thomas Creech) VIEW SATB 5.00
Beale, William (1784-1854) *The humble tenant VIEW     Listen and view on youtube SATBarB 5.00
Callcott, John (1766-1821) *Cara, vale (Robert Lowth) VIEW    Listen and view on youtube SATB 5.00
Callcott, John (1766-1821) Ella (Thomas Chatterton) SATB 7.50
Callcott, John *In the lonely vale (Ossian i.e. James Macpherson) FREE COMPLETE PDF SATB 0.00
Callcott, John *It was a friar of orders Grey (from Shakespeare) VIEW SATBarB 5.00
Callcott, John *O snatch me swift VIEW     Listen and view on youtube SATBarB 10.00
Callcott, John *When Daphne Dyd (Madrigalian Glee) VIEW SAATB 7.50
Cooke, Benjamin (1734-93) *Deh! Dove? (Ariosto)  VIEW     Listen and view on youtube SATB 12.00
Cooke, Benjamin *Epitaph on a Dormouse (In paper case) FREE COMPLETE PDF SATB 0.00
Cooke, Benjamin Hymn to Adversity (Thomas Gray)  VIEW SATB 7.50
Cooke, Benjamin *In the merry month of May (Nicolas Breton) (transposed down a tone) VIEW SATB 10.00
Crotch, William *Mona on Snowdon calls VIEW     Listen and view on youtube SATBarB 12.00
Doveton, Robin OZYMANDIAS (Shelley) VIEW SSATBarB 10.00
Doveton, Robin MUSIC, WHEN SOFT VOICES DIE (Shelley) VIEW SSAATTBB not yet available
Hatton, John Liptrot (1808-86) Over hill, over dale (Shakespeare) VIEW SATB 5.00
Linley, Thomas (1733-95) Madrigal: Let me, careless and unthoughtful lying VIEW     Listen and view on youtube SATBarB 10.00
Macfarren, George (1813-87) Orpheus with his lute (Shakespeare) VIEW SATB 5.00
Stevens, R. J. S. (1757-1837) Ye spotted snakes (Shakespeare) VIEW SATB 5.00
Webbe, Samuel Snr. (1740-1816) *Breathe soft, ye winds (Ambrose Philips) VIEW SATB 5.00
Webbe, Samuel Snr. *To Love I Wake The Silver String (Anacreon, Tr. Francis Fawkes) VIEW Double Choir SATB/SATB 7.50
Webbe, Samuel Snr. *Where, Hapless Ilion (Charles Butler) VIEW SATB 7.50
Webbe, Samuel Snr. *When Charming Chloe VIEW SSATBarB 7.50
Webbe, Samuel Snr. *Cecilia, more than all (Ode on St Cecilia) (William Congreve) VIEW SSATTB +Cembalo (Reduction or Accompt.) 15.00
Webbe, Samuel Snr. *The Sun That Sets (Elizabeth Carter) VIEW SATB 7.50
Wood, Charles (1866-1926) Full fathom five (Shakespeare) VIEW SATBarB 5.00
For Men's Voices
Smith, John Stafford (1750-1836) Youre two eyn will sle me sodenly (Chaucer) Includes 2 versions: original text and key AND modernised text, up a tone VIEW ATB 3.00
Sullivan, Arthur (1842-1900) The long day closes VIEW T(orA)TBarB 5.00
Walmisley, Thomas Forbes (1783-1866) *Music, all powerful VIEW ATT(orBar)B 10.00